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Community Insight


We believe that the information published by government as open data - appropriately visualised, analysed and interpreted - can be a critical tool for housing organisations to improve their strategic and joined-up approach to community investment.

Community Insight gives you the data and analysis you need to ensure your services are underpinned by the best possible knowledge of local communities, levering the power of information right across your organisation, from high-level visualisations for Board level to detailed reports on local neighbourhoods. Saving you time and money, Community Insight gives you the most relevant and up-to-date data on the communities where you work, with no need to invest in specialist mapping and data staff, consultancy or software.

  • Upload details of your stock to our secure servers, and get up and running in minutes with data and reports for your properties, neighbourhoods and estates.
  • Understand what the latest sources such as Census 2011 mean in your areas, as soon as data is released.
  • Get the information you need for a joined-up approach to community investment.
  • Tools to help frontline staff to take strategic responsibility for their patches.
  • Data to help prioritise scarce resources, and provide baselines & trends for assessing impact.

Community Insight is a joint project from HACT and Oxford Consultants for Social Inclusion (OCSI).

HACT, the Housing Action Charity, helps housing providers build stronger neighbourhoods and resilient communities. See www.hact.org.uk for more.

OCSI develop and interpret the evidence base to help the public and community organisations deliver better services. A 'spin-out' from the University of Oxford Social Policy Institute, OCSI have worked with more than 100 public and community sector clients at local, national and international level. See www.ocsi.co.uk for more.